Do you have a website that doesnít come up in the top 10 search engine rankings?

Are you losing customers because they canít find you on the web?

Is your website designed for the end user?

Are you unsure as to what SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is and how it fits with your website/marketing strategies?

Not sure where to begin to help searchers find your website or to attain a high web ranking?



Read on for more information about how to improve and optimise your website.



A website is a necessary and very important tool for marketing your product/services or organisation to prospective and current customers. No longer are they static pages with little information, some images and a contact number. They are seen as being a valuable part of communicating your brand and product or service offerings to your markets. Your website content (be it text, images or flash) is as important as the information on your product labels or brochures.



But, what if potential customers who donít know about you but know that they need the service or product you are offering go searching and donít find you on the search list? The key to website content today is to have the right content online in the right way to be found first. Being found first will lead to an increase in visitors and all things being equal, sales, but it will also help to improve the brand and shareholder values of your company or business.



The objective for having a website as part of your marketing tool kit is sales and brand communication. With Search Engine Optimisation or SEO the objective is to get your website a high web ranking to then drive traffic to your site. This article will give a brief run down of the important things you need to know about SEO and how it can benefit your website and your bottom line.


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